State of Arkansas
Charles H. Warner, AIA, REFP

Mr. Warner is a registered architect with 30 years of architectural and facility planning experience.

Long-Range Strategic Facility Plans
Demographic Studies
Standards & Guidelines

As a result of a court ordered mandate, the state of Arkansas was tasked with assessing existing K-12 school facilities and infrastructures, determining future disposition, and developing Standards and Guidelines for construction and renovation of current and new facilities.

During Mr. Warner’s tenure as Vice-President of DeJONG, he served as part of the planning team for the State of Arkansas. Along with architects, engineers, state and local representatives, and school officials, Mr. Warner led the development of Standards and Guidelines for the construction of K-12 and comprehensive high schools containing career technical courses in the state of Arkansas.

Since forming WARNER Concepts, LLC., Mr. Warner has contracted with more than 15 school districts throughout the State of Arkansas to complete their Long-Range Strategic Facility Plans. These plans are prepared for submission to the State of Arkansas Facilities Division and include the following considerations:

  • 5 and 10 year educational and financial implementation plans Demographic studies
  • Grade configuration studies
  • Facility Assessments
  • Facility Capacity studies Projected Enrollment
  • Financial impact studies Recommendations and timelines Taxpayer Impact studies


  • For the first time in Arkansas history, a state-wide K-12 facilities program has been implemented New state agency solely devoted to school facilities created
  • School districts have instructions and guidelines for use in participating in new state programs District has Standards and Guidelines for developing Long Range Strategic Plans
  • Standards and Guidelines for construction and renovation of K-12 school facilities Annual Demographic/Master Plan updates for 15 districts