Great Oaks Institute Of Technology & Career Development
Charles H. Warner, AIA, REFP

Mr. Warner is a registered architect with 30 years of architectural and facility planning experience.

Demographic Study
Long-Range Strategic Facility Plan
District-wide and Site-Specific Facility Design Guidelines

Mr. Warner, working in close cooperation with school representatives from Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, completed a long range strategic facility plan for their four [4] campuses that included an assessment of existing facilities, demographic studies, developing enrollment projections, financial studies and securing input from community members, parents, students, staff, and administrators.

The Long Range Strategic Plan led to the development of Educational Specifications that were compiled into a document currently being used by the design team to design and construction various renovations and additions to the campuses of Scarlet Oaks [as Vice President of DeJONG], Laurel Oaks, Diamond Oaks, and Live Oaks.


  • Demographic Study
  • Enrollment Projections
  • Community Demographic Study
  • Long-Range Strategic Facility Plan for each of 4 campuses Students, Staff, Teacher, and Administrator Involvement Facility Assessments
  • Capacity Studies
  • Organizational Concepts
  • Facility Design Guidelines